Tuesday, September 30, 2008

California Roll & Salad

This the Cesars Salad i order for dinner at Coco's Grill.

California Roll i had 4 lunch the other day.
At Rai Rai Ken.. I love this Food this is my fave. the most in that restaurant.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Birthday Cake again :)

Saturday night we were at one of the other groups house.
 It is a Poker night. And thanks giving also belated birthday celebration of Andy.
They guys have a meeting 1st,and the girls play cards after the dinner.
It was fun. So This is the cake from Goldilocks its a chocolate cake yum yum!!

Bruce said happy birthday buddy! But shhhh! its still praying ;)
its really fun..

Cute small cake

I've got invited to have dinner with my friends. (23 Sept)
I didin't know that it was Gary's Birthday BF of My Ate Miriam,She's the one who invited me to this dinner in coco's grill.
And so we were there chitchatting we have two more close friend there. & me alone ;(
when we were ready to eat,Then suddenly i ask ate mer's if its hes birthday cuz she said something. Gary don't want anybody to know,because ya know us pinoy's we wanna celebrate it make a li'l bit special. But he doesn't like that.
And so i forgot,and i said it louder,and the waitress heard what i said.and they confirm Ate Miriam if its really true but she just didn't answer directly.
But they already have an idea. And s0 they make this cute cake for him.
its a quick cake nothing so special but it its look special for me.
They also know Gary and hes a friend of everybody.
They have this cake and played a happy birthday song. The celebrant can't do anything but to  smile :)
i don't understand why some people don't like it.. do u?

Sunday, September 28, 2008

I love Peanut

Few days ago,i was having fun cooking peanut at home.
I remember i have this peanut that dried already,bought from SM supermarket,so its not so good to cook in boiling water. I wish i can buy fresh. And so what i did was i peal the skin and fried and then put sugar on it.
i was saying to my self why i didn't remember to do that long time ago.Cuz i have this for a couple months already good thing it didn't get bad.
i had a lot so i cook it two times,and again on the another day. I'm alone so i have so much to eat. and i love it. happy i can eat anything i want hehe ;)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Buko Salad

For the first time since i have been in Davao i finally have buko salad in my life ;)
weird but its true. I miss this kind of food from where the place i grown up with. we always have this anytime we want.
Its Ate Vicky's Buko Salad,we had lunch at there house couple days ago.
all the Davao expat womans groups except those who didn't come,for having any other responsibilities.
We eat chit-chat and bring the food at home after.its funny cuz its like we been into a fiesta to some barangay's hehehe we had  a good time ;) laughing and sharing things in life.
So at least I'm not so bored.while my hubby is not here.
But he's coming soon.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Still having problem

i still don't have Internet connection at home ;)
sorry my friends.i still can't update my blogs.
this is really a nightmare. huhuhu
I'm just been going to a cafe to check.
i hate calling PLDT costumer service,cuz its the same i tired and tried already. nothing happen. i hate it,theres a lot of bla bla! grrrrrr.

Will reply u guys as soon as i can.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Fried Dilis with sugar.
Its been a long time since i haven't been eaten dried fish.
Now I'm so happy i finally have it for lunch today.
I can't have it most of the time,cuz u know (Kano) don't know about this food. its so stinky for them...they don't like.
What i did was i take off the head of those small fish.
Fried it without oil a bit. Then put some oil,when its golden brown. i tried to put a little bit sugar in it. i forgot about the soy sauce next time maybe.
Its so yum yum. for all the dried fish this kind of fish is my favorite. and i want it with out the head. it takes sometime i know. but sulit!

Friday, September 19, 2008

My Day Alone...

Waiting for my hubby to get online. I am missing him so much now ;(

I'm alone here at the house.and I'm loving it. Its peaceful.
Finally my hubby's friends are gone.

Can't wait to end this month so soon,so i can visit manila again. and stay in Dusit with my honey.
and eat in La Toscana Restaurant.miss that a lot!

Sigh my body still sore from cleaning so hard yesterday.
need a massage.

Sooo Tired..

sigh i just finish my general cleaning in my munting house today.
i didint find somebody that i can pay for helping me do the  house work.
so i just did it all by my self ;( now im dead.
Those people i know,there saying that there gonna introduce me to somebody to help me but i get tired of it,nothings happen. So i decideed today i will just do it..huhu im sore.

still not finish with the little things to do.
but now here blogging,while eat grape ;)

till tomorrow,i need to rest now.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mah day.

  • What am i doing?

Hmm I'm eating Jack Fruit today.
So glad i found this in NCCC mall last night.
Before we go to do bowling place,we first go to the market and buy some food. And so i buy my food good for 3 weeks,cuz yesterday i was starving to death. lol.
Every time i will ate langka i will post on my blog ;) don't know why i just love it so much,wink* 

Sigh,I'm bored again.
just gonna stay home all day today.
Half of the day yesterday i enjoy the bowling with friends,that's my 2nd time playing ;)

By the way, I wanna ask some people here. Is anyone knows people that willing to work (manghinlo)  stay in 4 days every week or depends.
if someone knows please let me know.pls.
Thanks in advance,i will appreciate it a lot.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

sweet couple

This couple is one of the players in wowowee today.
they both look young but the love is overflowing for them.
This guy is from Germany. Willie didn't ask there age ;(
its so kilig talaga.

They also share there experience's and journey for love. whew..
I am just amaze for those couples today..

Watching Wowowee.

This guy from Colorado sang Willie Rivillame's song " Kung Para sayo" he really did it perfect.
The wife said that he's rehearsing those song at there house. its fun.
I took video from my phone too bad i can't put it here,cuz its taking forever.

The Willie of fortune today is those Couple who got married on June.July August this year ;)

I just woke up 12:35 pm to watch wowoweee..
And know what i did? I change my PC here in Bed so i am now blogging while watching wowowee.
Cuz in my Desk i can't see the TV from there.
Trying to have fun watching TV
I'm bored and hungry ;( didn't make anything to eat yet.

Am happy Hubby and i talk a bit earlier this morning.
Miss you so much my love.
Have a safe trip tomorrow Honey xoxoxo..

Monday, September 15, 2008

Sad ;(

I hate it when time come like this.
(gibiyaan na jud ko!) huhuhu.
Hubby left to manila early today.
I really really hate this a lot!
Though hes always staying here in pinas most of the time,but when he have some conference to do back in state,he needs to leave me for a while ;(

Ha hay life..I'm all alone again;(
don't know what to do.bored!
He will be back after 3 weeks,that's too long. huhuhu.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hectic Day!

After a long Day,now i can finally rest a bit. But i have to do my things here on my blogs so i guess still no rest ;(

What did we do?
Sigh. Earlier were like in a military training,or let say,a 10 lions are coming against us. lol
The thing is we have a meeting at 9am.
So i said okay we need to get ready at 8 or 8:30.
until we both get so busy working on the computer (hubby and i) and forget about getting ready for the meeting.
And so when i was about to say okay guess we need to bath now.
And our friends are outside in our gate waiting for us already,and we don't even bath yet!
So we really move like a military just for one day today.knowing that its obvious they have to wait for us till we finish.ha hay nlang!
And funny cuz hubby open the Door and let them know were not ready yet,He said just get in for a while. And he turn hes back to go up and bath. But the gate was still lock,so they can't come in. Ha ha!
so our friends wait inside the car.outside ;(
I'm ashamed to keep them waiting like that,there doing us a favor pick us up here at the house,so i hate to do that.
But she understand naman,there nice people.. I love my Ate's.. Thank you Ate Fey.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

My Friends!!

  Having Fun,our yaya's the one who took the picture of us ;)
In shrine hills place.its Sunday..
 Me,Virgie,Chel,Ate Rod,and Connie..Fun Day in Samal

Me joy and My Best Bud. We just meet her in Bohol ;)
Alona Beach with her BF.

My Friends!!

I was looking all of my picture memories here in my computer and suddenly i opened the album of me with my friends. Its sad cuz i love all of them but we don't get to meet and get together no more,with some other friends too. There all far,i mean though i am far. And some friends were gone,some are stayed in touch,some live in the USA. some were just here in Phils. Some are new and Some are old friends ;)
<-- Connie and me with Her son.they are in kidapawan.

<-- mah good friend Leslie but she is the US now 5 years or more we haven't seen each other,but texting.

Mah friend Virgie cousin of Connie they are both from Kidapawan.

Trudes & me,in crocodile park she really is a good person.We both from Samar,we just meet here in Davao cuz of my hubby's friend was her X.

                          The two in the top was my past friends,bell & Lucille. Bell is Visaya too,she was been a good friend of mine,but one day when i get back from my vacation in Samar we did int talk,and she's gone on my FS list. i don't even know whats the reason was. and so i am sad about it.This is what we usually do,having a conference and have fun sharing things/though and talking. u know what girls are ;)
There all been good to me.i am missing them a lot ;(

My Food ;)

Breakfast,lunch,merienda and Diner.
Thats all my food sometimes in one day ;)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Friday Fun Trip.

Lunch time ;)

Been in Samal island today to look some more of property.
After then we stop over at Chemas for the 2nd time. for info pls visit my other blog arnieswebsite got some pictures,and for the reservation.
Anyhow, after Chemas the boat land in Water Front Insular Hotel (at the back).
So hubby and i decide to have lunch at the Hotel. Its a Buffet lunch we love it,this is our 2nd time to eat in this place. as usual i took pictures.souvenirs when i get old ;) have something to look at.
Hubby's 2nd plate egg salad,Hawaiian salad and mushroom salad.
Hubby's 1st plate bread's,checkin,2 kinds ham,cheese and butter.
Fried Lapu Lapu with soy sauce.

Mah day.

Back home,had a good meeting ;-}
they are nice people,good to know them both.
we ate at Bigby's restaurant. see my other blog site at www.arnieslife.blogspot.com
posted the food there. 

Whew its kinda tiring day.
I can't really feel at home cuz our home is messy right now.
We have this people fixing the lake from the 3rd floor to the 2nd floor. Its the owners pluming people ;)
So anyway with that I'm not gonna clean our house till they finish,cuz it is useless. But am not comportable with it to,hump guess i don't have any choice but to wait huh?

have a nice good day everyone muah!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My life.

My life...

Today were going to a lunch meeting with people,
and to meet this couple from the US and he's fiancee from Tagum.
But ooh not exactly from tagum. Compostela Valley.
So there new here in Davao,and she doesn't know anybody yet,as my hubby said to me.he might be wrong i don't know. 
I'm getting excited to meet her and meet more friends,to go see a movie with or what ever. its good to have more friends,and to know more people.
Cuz i don't even have a family here. There way too far away from me ;(

Sigh,im still tired today i hate waking up at 3 am.
am tired but hungry,maybe i should do both sleeping while eating lol trying to be comedian now.

Davao City

Over looking Samal Island Philipines.
only in  Mindanao.
view from Las Terrazas.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Samar province.

This is just one of the nicest view in my home town (eastern Samar province)
we also have some tourist spot's in Samar,resort beaches and everything u need in ur vacation,mostly in Tacloban city.

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