Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hectic Day!

After a long Day,now i can finally rest a bit. But i have to do my things here on my blogs so i guess still no rest ;(

What did we do?
Sigh. Earlier were like in a military training,or let say,a 10 lions are coming against us. lol
The thing is we have a meeting at 9am.
So i said okay we need to get ready at 8 or 8:30.
until we both get so busy working on the computer (hubby and i) and forget about getting ready for the meeting.
And so when i was about to say okay guess we need to bath now.
And our friends are outside in our gate waiting for us already,and we don't even bath yet!
So we really move like a military just for one day today.knowing that its obvious they have to wait for us till we finish.ha hay nlang!
And funny cuz hubby open the Door and let them know were not ready yet,He said just get in for a while. And he turn hes back to go up and bath. But the gate was still lock,so they can't come in. Ha ha!
so our friends wait inside the car.outside ;(
I'm ashamed to keep them waiting like that,there doing us a favor pick us up here at the house,so i hate to do that.
But she understand naman,there nice people.. I love my Ate's.. Thank you Ate Fey.


Anonymous said...

Bitaw lain pud nang ikaw mauy gisundo,unya imong pahulaton.
maayo na lang kay...masinabtunon ang imong mga ka berks:)

ArnieTed Padova said...

Hehe tama jud ka Merce oi.Ulaw kaayo ko bah. But yes that one thing with friends ;)
thank u for being one of them ;)