Sunday, September 28, 2008

I love Peanut

Few days ago,i was having fun cooking peanut at home.
I remember i have this peanut that dried already,bought from SM supermarket,so its not so good to cook in boiling water. I wish i can buy fresh. And so what i did was i peal the skin and fried and then put sugar on it.
i was saying to my self why i didn't remember to do that long time ago.Cuz i have this for a couple months already good thing it didn't get bad.
i had a lot so i cook it two times,and again on the another day. I'm alone so i have so much to eat. and i love it. happy i can eat anything i want hehe ;)


Anonymous said...

Pagusto ug kaon arnie,kay moabot to imong bana...was jud na tanan.

have nice day my friend!

ArnieTed Padova said...

Hahaha korek jud ka teh.
nagdako na bitaw ko karon oi. saon nlang ni pag diet;(