Saturday, September 13, 2008

My Friends!!

I was looking all of my picture memories here in my computer and suddenly i opened the album of me with my friends. Its sad cuz i love all of them but we don't get to meet and get together no more,with some other friends too. There all far,i mean though i am far. And some friends were gone,some are stayed in touch,some live in the USA. some were just here in Phils. Some are new and Some are old friends ;)
<-- Connie and me with Her son.they are in kidapawan.

<-- mah good friend Leslie but she is the US now 5 years or more we haven't seen each other,but texting.

Mah friend Virgie cousin of Connie they are both from Kidapawan.

Trudes & me,in crocodile park she really is a good person.We both from Samar,we just meet here in Davao cuz of my hubby's friend was her X.

                          The two in the top was my past friends,bell & Lucille. Bell is Visaya too,she was been a good friend of mine,but one day when i get back from my vacation in Samar we did int talk,and she's gone on my FS list. i don't even know whats the reason was. and so i am sad about it.This is what we usually do,having a conference and have fun sharing things/though and talking. u know what girls are ;)
There all been good to me.i am missing them a lot ;(

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