Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mah day.

  • What am i doing?

Hmm I'm eating Jack Fruit today.
So glad i found this in NCCC mall last night.
Before we go to do bowling place,we first go to the market and buy some food. And so i buy my food good for 3 weeks,cuz yesterday i was starving to death. lol.
Every time i will ate langka i will post on my blog ;) don't know why i just love it so much,wink* 

Sigh,I'm bored again.
just gonna stay home all day today.
Half of the day yesterday i enjoy the bowling with friends,that's my 2nd time playing ;)

By the way, I wanna ask some people here. Is anyone knows people that willing to work (manghinlo)  stay in 4 days every week or depends.
if someone knows please let me know.pls.
Thanks in advance,i will appreciate it a lot.


Anonymous said...

Pareho diay ug gikaon.langka!

Anonymous said...

Dako diay na inyong gipuy-an nga balay?

ArnieTed Padova said...

Oo Merce.