Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Blog Awards

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Thank you very much for this kind/sweet awards you share with me MR. FUNK
I'm very thankful for the awards my friends shared with me this past two weeks,i've been getting a lot..and it makes me HAPPY :-)
Thanks thanks to you guys. stay sweet. xoxo.


Name 7 things/person that you love then pass this on to 7 other bloggers.

1. I " LOVE " my family.
2. My Mama.
3. Papa
4. Manoy.
5. Mana.
6. My nieces and nephew's.
7. I love Jesus,as i love my life.

1. Yen
2. Cacai
3. Jane
4. A woman's journey
5. Dhemcy
6. Chelle
7. SHY

And i will add more, its YOU! This will be open for everybody to post this on there blogs.
feel free to grab this,and share to all of Ur friends.
Thank you. God bless,


Cacai_Nad said...

Wow! thanks Arnie, I like this 'coz it's a follow-up on my "LET'S BE FRIENDS" tag, thanks a lot Arn! I will post this as soon as possible. Lab yah! Tccic

Arnie :) said...

Welcome Miss Cai. Goodluck and have fun posting it on ur blog. wink**

David Funk said...

You're welcome my dear friend. I share the same thoughts as you from bloggers. It sure makes one feel honored and appreciated to have your name called as many times as we've seen of late.

Anyway, have a good night my friend and thanks for posting this!

Jane said...

Hi Arnie, Thank you for sharing this tag . I will be posting it shortly. Thanks again. See u around.

Arnie :) said...

This all for you guys,and to all my good friends :)

take care n godbless,xoxo!

Jane said...

Am i supposed to copy the image too? Copied it anyway, they are cute :))

Arnie :) said...

Yap.. yeah i liked it too. :-)
the one at the top i just added it,to say thanks to all my friends. and my way to express how happy i am to be FRIENDS with you guys,wink**

denani said...

Hi Arniev,

Thanks for being my bloggerfriend. I'm putting these awards on my blog..
Hope our friendship would last forever ^_^

Arnie :) said...

Hello Denani thanks for coming by. Yes feel free to grab this award. take care and godbless,more friendship to come :-)

Cacai_Nad said...

Hello Arn, I posted this already. Please check it out on my recent posts. Muahhugs.

Luis said...

hi! really is interesting what you say, congratulations on the blog, I invite you to visit mine ... greetings!


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