Monday, September 15, 2008

Sad ;(

I hate it when time come like this.
(gibiyaan na jud ko!) huhuhu.
Hubby left to manila early today.
I really really hate this a lot!
Though hes always staying here in pinas most of the time,but when he have some conference to do back in state,he needs to leave me for a while ;(

Ha hay life..I'm all alone again;(
don't know what to do.bored!
He will be back after 3 weeks,that's too long. huhuhu.


davamerce said...

Hi arnie!gibiyaan napud ka sa imong bana,agwantaha lang sa ang kamingaw mobalik bitaw to.
paglingaw-lingaw lang sa diha.

ArnieTed Padova said...

Ayay ambot lang jud,makabuang merce.
Maghapon deri lang ko sa balay karon,ambot ugma try ko mugawas.

Thank you ;)

Allen's Darling said...

Oi,so sad naman pero kuyaw na inig-abot romansa jud hehehe just buzzzing around.

ArnieTed Padova said...

hehehe ikaw jud mabel bah. hekhek ang baba.. normal lang gud kay mingaw man.hihihi thank u for visiting my blog dear.

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