Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mah day.

Back home,had a good meeting ;-}
they are nice people,good to know them both.
we ate at Bigby's restaurant. see my other blog site at
posted the food there. 

Whew its kinda tiring day.
I can't really feel at home cuz our home is messy right now.
We have this people fixing the lake from the 3rd floor to the 2nd floor. Its the owners pluming people ;)
So anyway with that I'm not gonna clean our house till they finish,cuz it is useless. But am not comportable with it to,hump guess i don't have any choice but to wait huh?

have a nice good day everyone muah!


Anonymous said...

Hello arnie!wish ma meet ta pud ka.
duol ra gani ta,pero wala pa jud ta nagkita.

hope one day!

ArnieTed Padova said...

Gani oi,mura man ug isa sato layo like in the US ;) hihihi.
hope soon though...