Saturday, September 27, 2008

Buko Salad

For the first time since i have been in Davao i finally have buko salad in my life ;)
weird but its true. I miss this kind of food from where the place i grown up with. we always have this anytime we want.
Its Ate Vicky's Buko Salad,we had lunch at there house couple days ago.
all the Davao expat womans groups except those who didn't come,for having any other responsibilities.
We eat chit-chat and bring the food at home after.its funny cuz its like we been into a fiesta to some barangay's hehehe we had  a good time ;) laughing and sharing things in life.
So at least I'm not so bored.while my hubby is not here.
But he's coming soon.


Anonymous said...

Kalami sa buko!hulat na lang ko sa christmas,kay daghan man nagabuhat....

ArnieTed Padova said...

O nga din. hope to have it again ;)

Chant said...

Darn, miss that food!!!

ArnieTed Padova said...

Hehe we are the same,i wish i can eat right now again:)

will try to buy somewhere.