Saturday, September 20, 2008


Fried Dilis with sugar.
Its been a long time since i haven't been eaten dried fish.
Now I'm so happy i finally have it for lunch today.
I can't have it most of the time,cuz u know (Kano) don't know about this food. its so stinky for them...they don't like.
What i did was i take off the head of those small fish.
Fried it without oil a bit. Then put some oil,when its golden brown. i tried to put a little bit sugar in it. i forgot about the soy sauce next time maybe.
Its so yum yum. for all the dried fish this kind of fish is my favorite. and i want it with out the head. it takes sometime i know. but sulit!


Anonymous said...

Akong bana ganahan kaayo ana nga bulad,pero lahi lang pagkaluto.ako pud laian sab ko,sukad ginahubak ko,wala nako ganahi.

ArnieTed Padova said...

Mao bah.. Lahi lahi diay mo luto ana. hehe. Y man hubakun man? Dili man sya parat..

GMG said...

oh my God! I miss this food! i wish makauli na ko sa pinas soon kay we can cook whatever we want there. ;)

ArnieTed Padova said...

Hi Bel.
Hmm unsaon man kay layo man lagi mo oi. hehe cge lang kay inig uli ninyo oir bisita na sab sa pinas,pag pahimulos jud ;)