Saturday, October 18, 2008

Friend's Birthday Party

Rice and other stuff.
Love this Chili Cone Carne. Steve made!
Its one of our closest friend's birthday last night.
Many of our friends come to the the party and it was fun.
Everybody had fun. Everyone has there own topic's its like bees that making noise's of 'zzzzzzzzzzzzzz'  lol
So this is the dine table with full of goodies,and best foods.
Steve is the one who made this party and do the cooking's for John :)
thank ya all for having us with you guys muah we love xoxo..


Anonymous said...

Ang sweet naman pala ng mister mo,gumawa pa ng handaan para sa kanyang friend.

Happy sunday!

ArnieV said...

Si Steve gumawa ng handaan my dala lang kami doon sa party. hehe
Have a nice day Teh.