Tuesday, October 28, 2008

2007 Christmas in my Hometown!

It was really enjoying my last year Christmas at home..
But this time of the year i know it would be more enjoyable because me and my hubby are together,i will just visit home on January after Christmas. They want me to be there on this time again,but i don't wanna leave my honey i wanna stay this time :) and spend a Christmas together..

So it was fun,this is our picture taken with my cousin's having fun drinking eat and picture taking.
there all drunk na..But when i said POSE they are all shaking to move and pose.
i miss my nieces. the little kids are sure looking for me then. sigh. i can't wait to move them here in Davao.


merce h:) said...

Dili diay nimo kuyogon imong bana,pagbakasyon nimo didto?

ArnieV said...

Hopefully this year YES pag nahuman nya work nya.
kadtong last year busy manggud kaayo sya,,so we both agreed na mag bisita ko ako ra isa.