Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Midgets Fight!

I've been watching this video yesterday,and it was just so hilarious,makes me crazy and laughing so hard!
This two Midgets is Sporty and cutie. I found this from my friends blog Grace and i asked her if i can also share this with you guys :-)

its just kind of unfair cuz this guy wearing Blue Short's is smaller than the guy wearing Red Short's.
but the funniest thing is he can punch the Red short guy right on his face. he he!
And the smaller guy he can run all over the ring to hide,lolz!
i hope u enjoy watching!


Anonymous said...

hahaha. awesome video. thanks for sharing...really made me laugh.

BOGCESS said...

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Arnie :) said...

Hehe thank you for dropping by Bingkay :-)

Bogcess ur now added in my blog roll!

BOGCESS said...

Thanks for addin' my site. Done linkin' you aswell. Its under LINK EXCHANGE (Arniev).


MaxiVelasco said...

ui. cute naman nila. kakatuwa. hehe.

thanks for sharing this thing.. and i still haven't done your tag... i'll do it (tag for maxi's domain which is now changed to Ovah' Coffee -

have a great day friend! mwah

Arnie :) said...

Hehe. Okay dear,whenever u get ready. hmmm oi u change my life ka din pala,hehe cahnge domain na buti kapa. tgc my friend. xoxo!

Arnie :) said...

Thanks for the add BOGCESS!
see yah..

Co-Admin Indonesia Underground said...

cewek itu bukan orang indo asli, tapi dia orang bule yang sekolah di sini bos

cpsanti said...

wahahaha! priceless! ;-)