Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Card Addict

Busy doing some blog hop to my friends sites this morning.
Because later today i'm gonna be at my neighbors house playing cards,i am now a Card Addict waaa!!!
big time!joke,nope cuz we only play by One Pesos only.
wanna know what game we are playing? its Seven's similarity when u play solitaire same suits and we started with 7.
its really fun,the Davao Expat wife's, and there are now my friends.
last few weeks we been playing here at the house two times in a row.

still thinking of what kind of food to bring.hmmm!
pot lock card game.


merce h:) said...

Grabe...Good luck!balato ko,huwag mong kalimutan.

Arnie :) said...

Hehe sure,30 pesos intawon ang panalo. lolz.

Thank you.

Fhaye said...

Familiar with Tong-its? I used to play it when I was still young.

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Arnie :) said...

Yeah been played that Game twice before.
its fun,but kinda forget it now.