Monday, January 26, 2009

Abandoned Hotel..

Every time i am passing by on this Durian Hotel i keep wondering how long this place have been abandoned like this?
Its a nice place and right in the middle of downtown area,near Victoria Plaza mall.
HB even wish we could afford to buy it. or one level on the top and have our house there with a swimming pool,but how could it be? its impossible because the whole building is not even being used.
I'm thinking there must be living ghost inside,if u know what i mean for those who believe ghost :)
But anyway. its just a my thought..


merce h:) said...

Hello arnie!hindi mo ba alam na hanggang ngayon may nakatira at may gumagamit dyan?
katulad ng daga,ipis,butiki,at marami pang iba.hehehe

Have a nice day!

ArnieV said...

Hahaha oo nga noh,nakalimutan ko un ahh.

Thanks. Same to you :)

Other Side said...

Thnaks 4 visited and smile 4 uu

I like your property.., How the market??

Budiawan Hutasoit said...

perhaps they should change the hotel name from Durian Hotel into something not smelly like Durian..
Mango or Apple Hotel.. :-)

ArnieV said...

Hahaha probably, funny comment.